Repository for Petra's work at ampli Jan-Feb 2019 1.0KB


Repository for Petra’s work at ampli Jan-Feb 2019

What isn’t in this repository

This repository does not contain with it downloaded data (for confidentiality and size reasons), the fitted models (similar issues), or the configuration file for downloading from the database (which contains a password). Recreate an empty data/ directory and model/. The configuration file is at py/database.ini and looks like:


This file is based on an example from the postgresSQL website. Replace <Username> and <Password> with valid credentials.


I’ve included a bunch of annotated SQL queries in sql/queries.pgsql and sql/weather.pgsql. The latter file is specifically about the weather dataset; the former is more general. Some of the queries are copied into the py/ file, but changing these two files will do nothing on their own.